W.A.H Contest FAQ

  1. Q: How do I join this contest?
    A: You may visit wah.starproperty.my to learn the mechanics.
  2. Q: What if I book the properties after the property fair?
    A: Only the properties booked at the StarProperty.my Fair will allow you to participate as a homebuyer in the W.A.H contest.
    You are required to submit the proof of purchase within 2 months of the booking.
  3. Q: What do I have to do after I signed the Sales & Purchase agreement?
    A: You may email the SPA and booking form to marketing@starproperty.my. Don’t forget to Like and Follow StarProperty.my via Facebook.
  4. Q: If I purchase more than 1 property during the fairs, how do I check how many entries I am entitled to?
    A: You may email marketing@starproperty.my and we will advise you accordingly.
  5. Q: How many units of PJ Midtown serviced condo are given away? What is the size of the unit?
    A: Only one (1) unit is up for grabs. The size is 613 sq ft.
  6. Q: Could I participate if my immediate family member is affiliated with Star Media Group, Brunsfield, IOI Properties and Sime Darby Property?
    A: We regret to inform you that the family members of those affiliated with Star Media Group are ineligible to participate in the contest. However, if you are affiliated with Sime Darby Property, IOI Properties Group and Brunsfield, you will be able to participate.
  7. Q: How do I know if I am shortlisted?
    A: You will receive a phone call and email from StarProperty.my
  8. Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions?
    A: You may email marketing@starproperty.my or message us via Facebook.
  9. Q: Where is the WAH house located?
    A: PJ MiDTOWN is located at Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya. To know more, email marketing@starproperty.my.
  10. Q: Is it necessary to Like StarProperty.my’s Facebook page?
    A:Yes, you are required to Like StarProperty.my's Facebook page to participate.
  11. Q: If I buy a property as a joint purchaser, who will the winning chances be given to?
    A: The chances will be given to the signatory person in SPA letter.
  12. Q: If I have submitted my entry, how do I know that my submission is successful?
    A: You will be notified via email upon submission.
  13. Q: When will the winner be announced?
    A: The winner is expected to be announced by end of September 2018.
  14. Q: Can foreigners or PR participate?
    A: Only Malaysians are entitled to participate due to the regulations set by Malaysian government.
  15. Q: When is the completion date of PJ Midtown?
    A: The project is expected to be completed by end of Dec 2018.
  16. Q: What if I have won but I cannot be reached through the contact details provided?
    A: If the organiser is unable to reach the winner within three (3) attempts, he or she will be disqualified automatically and the first runner-up will be selected.
  17. Q: If I have won, how long am I given (duration) to collect and claim my new home?
    A: You may only collect upon CCC (Certification of Completeness) from developer.
  18. Q: Can I resell the house?
    A: Yes, upon CCC. However, you as the owner would have to pay the Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT).
  19. Q: Can I lease or rent out the house?
    A: Yes, you may lease or rent out the house.
  20. Q: What is status of PJ Midtown’s land title?
    A: PJ Midtown is a leasehold development on a commercial land title. For more info, you may email marketing@starproperty.my.
  21. Q: Can I select the unit upon winning the contest?
    A: No. Only the organisers have the right to select the unit.
  22. Q: Is the house completely free? What are the payments I would need to bear as a winner?
    A: You will need to bear the Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) and Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT). For more info, you may email marketing@starproperty.my.
  23. Q: What if the winner passed away or is terminally ill before the CCC is issued? What will happen to the “free” house?
    A: The asset imbursement will be dealt with in accordance with Malaysian law. For more info, you may email marketing@starproperty.my.
  24. Q: Can I purchase more than one property to have more chances to win?
    A: Yes, you may purchase more houses to get a higher winning chance.